I love bagels.  No, I really love, love, love bagels.  They are a total weakness.  Cream cheese, turkey, or the horrible-for-you ones at McDs (with the special butter sauce).  To curb this weakness, I picked up some mini whole wheat bagels at dirty Kroger and had one of those this morning with light chive & herb cream cheese.  Yumm-O.  I also had a 60 cal Dannon Light & Fit yogurt.  I’ve tried all the fancy yogurts that other people are eating on their blogs.  I just can’t seem to get into them.  I also picked up the new less sugar Dannon Light & Fit so I will let you know how those are.  I have my banana saved for my mid-morning snack.  See ya.



Ok. I know it sounds like a strange combination. Tonight’s meal has been on my mind for a few days now. I have loved grits my entire life. Probably because the world’s best grits are made right here in Kentucky. Weisenberger Mill is the leader in grits. And even though they are the pinnacle of grits, they are still dirt cheap for a bag, which lasts forever. Made in Midway, Kentucky (my mom’s alma mater), Weisenberger yellow grits are by far my grit of choice. I decided earlier this week to make goat cheese grits.

If you want to try these out, you can use quick cooking or long cooking grits- just follow the directions on the package. I use milk instead of water so if it says use two cups water, you can use two cups milk instead. When the grits are ready, I added 4 oz. of goat cheese or about one cup on any other kind of cheese. I also added salt and pepper to taste and one egg to make the grits fluffy. If adding egg, make sure the grits are on low heat.


I made a spicy tomato fish recipe that I found in an old bon appetit.  I put it atop the goat cheese grits. However, the recipe turned out more like fish soup so I didn’t take a picture of it. (It wasn’t pretty and the recipe wasn’t all that great, which is why I didn’t post it)


Now, on to the good part. The Mayan Cafe is an amazing restaurant here in Louisville and serves the most amazing lima bean dish called Tok-Cel. The chef, Bruce Ucan, grew up in a small village in the Yucatan in Mexico and the dish is his mother’s recipe. Check out the NPR article on fostering your love of lima beans here. I followed the recipe except I used an entire pound of frozen Fordhook lima beans. I roasted way too many pumpkin seeds, see below, so I have some for the future.


I finished the meal off with a vodka, club soda and splash of cranberry juice. Its just been one of those days. Plus, I ran a few miles before cooking 🙂


Nightie Night all.


So, funny story or not so funny story.  Two nights ago, I was at what Crescent Hill/Cliftonites call “dirty kroger” shopping for some groceries.  At the check out, I pulled out the fifty dollar bill my mom had given me for my birthday (May 9th) to pay for the groceries.  I noticed that the young girl seemed puzzled at the bill and immediately held it up to the light and marked the pin thing through it to prove it was not a fake.  I didn’t think much about it because she was obviously doing her job.  And yes, it was an old school fifty dollar bill.  My mom thinks its funny to give us old school cash that hasn’t been taken out of circulation yet because she has worked at the same bank for 38 years.

Anyhoo, the cashier then calls over another young lady to examine the bill.  The second employee took the bill and exclaimed loudly, “this is about the fakest looking fifty dollar bill I have ever seen.”  I couldn’t believe my ears.  I immediately went into “Julia Sugarbaker” mode and threw my groceries in the car and stomped back into dirty kroger to give them a piece of my mind.  I asked for a manager and told him what had happened and that it was obviously a rude and unacceptable comment by the cashier.  While I’m giving the girl down the road, she walked up to see what the commotion was about.  I turned to her and said she was rude and that comment was out of line.  I then proceeded to tell everyone standing there that maybe they “should teach the young people about the money that existed before the new designs so this doesn’t happen again.”

I left dirty Kroger in a mix of rage and humor.  Whatev.  Not sure if I’m going back or not.  I wish I could afford to buy all of our groceries at Whole Foods or Whole Paycheck.  That kroger isn’t too bad.  They always have Kashi on super sale too.

Hello World!

I’m just getting this party started.  If you love food, wine, dogs, and books, this blog is for you.  A few facts about myself:

  1. I’m 27 and a taurus.
  2. I’m a twin… I have a wombmate (I know your jeal).
  3. I’m married to a man with three last names.
  4. I have the world’s cutest dog- Dudley (maltese).
  5. I live with my husband and dog in Louisville, Kentucky.
  6. I grew up in the Red River Gorge/Natural Bridge area in Eastern Kentucky.
  7. I’m a Vanderbilt grad– GO DORES!
  8. I think I’m awesome because I’m a Dore.
  9. I’m also a huge UK fan.  I bleed blue.
  10. I’m an attorney.  No, I will not give you free legal advice.
  11. I love all things cheese.
  12. I eat almost anything but I absolutely detest cucumber.
  13. I also love red wine (preferably zinfandel and shiraz) and bourbon.
  14. I also also love sushi.  I am addicted.  Please, no California rolls though.